Course for Physiotherapists

Next Intensive English Course for Physiotherapists at University of Malta, 2nd – 6th December 2019 

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Technical language for Physiotherapists: this course has been designed to provide physiotherapists with deeper understanding and knowledge of English and to help build technical vocabulary related to their field. Our principal goal is to assist physiotherapists to communicate effectively and accurately through English in their working lives. Dedicated sessions will be provided which will cover the key terminology used for the assessment, treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction. There will be interactive sessions focused on concepts, principles and theories of current physiotherapy practice and on the research that underpins physiotherapy practice. Interactive, practical, physiotherapy sessions using the fully equipped clinical skills laboratories available at University of Malta will focus on current physiotherapy techniques, anatomy, pathology and patient communication. In these fully equipped clinical skills laboratories you will also benefit from English language instruction, with a clinical focus, in small groups, where you will strengthen your language skills under the tuition of highly qualified staff. Published peer-reviewed journal abstracts and articles will be reviewed in order to familiarize participants with the language used. A glossary of key terminology will be provided for all participants along with associated activities. Finally a short test, based on the course content, on will take place at the end of the programme.

Communication with patients in English: separate practical role-play scenarios for physiotherapists will be conducted in the clinical skills laboratories at University of Malta where participants will interact and discuss standard questions that would be directed at patients, terminology related to the associated area of expertise and how best to explain this to patients, and terminology related to equipment specific for  physiotherapy.

Preparing for conference presentations: this will start with the first stage of presenting at a scientific conference i.e. submission of an abstract. A
scientific abstract related to your area of expertise will be reviewed and discussed in small groups and a presentation delivered on this topic followed by questions and answers. Presentation skills will be covered
throughout the course through sessions exploring presentation structure, useful phrases, and linking sections. Sample videos of good and bad scientific presentations will be reviewed in class. Participants will
be required to give an informal initial presentation followed by a short, formal scientific presentation at the end of the course.

Other Course features:
• Sessions will be delivered by a number of expert Physiotherapy lecturers together with experienced English language lecturers;
• A clinical visit at the University Hospital highlighting roles and responsibilities of the professions in Malta will be included;
• Accommodation can be provided for one week (6 nights) at the University Residences;
• There will be a maximum of 15 students per professional group;
• Certificate of completion will be presented to all participants at the end of the course;
• 5 ECTS credits will be issued to each participant at the end of the course;
• Evening events will be arranged for all participants during the course