Dr Jonathan L Portelli: Dr Jonathan L Portelli is a radiography lecturer at the University of Malta and he has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate radiography education since 2007. Jonathan is actively involved in the clinical tutoring and assessment of radiography students. Additionally, he has successfully supervised over 30 imaging research projects and studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels over a broad range of imaging modalities, including X-ray, paediatric imaging, CT, mammography, MRI, nuclear medicine and ultrasound.

Larissa Jonk: Larissa lectures at University of Malta and is currently reading for a PhD with the Centre for English language proficiency (CELP) at the University. She has been involved in the teaching of English for over 25 years. Her expertise covers a range of areas including teaching English to speakers of other languages in specialised contexts, such as English for Radiographers. Other areas involve management of English classes, design of materials, examination of general English and English for specific purposes. Larissa has previously taught on the English for Radiographers and looks forward to this new course which designed for both radiographers and physiotherapists.